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Smile-Friendly After School Snacks

February 22, 2017


AS MANY PARENTS KNOW when your child comes home from school, they often run straight for the pantry! We understand that kids can be a bit hungry after a long day in the classroom and we want to help you provide snacks that won’t only fill their bellies, but will benefit their smile as well! Try…
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Preparing For Your Child’s First Dental Visit

February 1, 2017


SEEING A BABY’S FIRST SMILE is a wonderful moment in a new parent’s life–that little grin leaves a lasting impression! Visiting the dentist early ensures that your child’s smile remains happy and healthy. First Tooth Pop In? Time To Schedule Their Appointment! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first dental appointment once…
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Your Kids Will Love Flossing With GumChucks®!

January 25, 2017


WE’VE SAID IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN… flossing is essential for a healthy mouth! But it’s not always the most enjoyable task of the day, especially for kids. If you’re looking for an easier way to help your kids floss–and have fun while they’re at it–we’ve got just the product for you! GumChucks® Make Flossing Easy…
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Don’t Be Fooled By Fruit Juice

January 4, 2017

She's seen enough of her parents drinking tea to be interested, so recently we've been marking her a cup of her own.  Peppermint, in this case, cooled down enough to be drinkable from a sippy cup.

EVERY CHILD LOVES sugary treats! But most parents understand how bad they can be for a developing smile. Unfortunately, some sweet things are more deceiving than others. As your trusted dental team, we’re here to make sure your kids can get the nutrients they need to have strong, healthy and beautiful teeth! Fruit Juice Contains A Lot…
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How Much Calcium Do We Actually Need?

December 20, 2016


WE’VE ALL HEARD calcium builds strong bones and is key to preventing osteoporosis. But did you know taking in the right amount of calcium also has a huge effect on our oral health? Calcium Benefits Our Oral Health Does calcium really make a difference in our oral health? The answer is yes! Even before we’re born, we begin…
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Baby Teeth Myths—Busted!

December 16, 2016


  YOU MIGHT THINK that baby teeth don’t matter because “they’re just going to fall out anyway,” but think again! There are a lot of myths about baby teeth out there, so we’re going to set the record straight: here’s a list of the top four baby teeth myths, BUSTED! Myth #1: Baby Teeth Aren’t Important Although baby…
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How to Find the Perfect Toothbrush for Your Child

December 12, 2016


One of the most important tools in your child’s mouth-health arsenal is their toothbrush. Often overlooked and under considered, it is vital that you take the time to buy the right toothbrush for your child. Below are some smart shopping guidelines to consider when buying your child’s next toothbrush.